Celebrate the wheel of the year, the turn of the seasons and learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

We will join together and honour the energy of the sabbat, perform ritual and share in a joyous feast.

Next Sabbat:

Beltane – Southern Hemisphere Date: October 31st

Beltane, the beginning of the summer months is at the November cross-quarter. This is the festival of the Great Rite – of sexual union between Goddess and God. Beltane is the spring fertility festival and there is feasting and celebration – a great festival for lovers!
I will be running a Beltane Gathering – Stay tuned for further information

Next Equinox:

litha (Summer Equinox) – Southern Hemisphere Date: December 20th – 23rd

This is the longest day of the year, and a time of joy and strength for the light. It is a time when the powers of nature are at their fullest. In the past this was often marked with bonfires and celebrants staying awake through the short night.

Bookings are Essential – please contact me for further information