Animals are sacred and deserve all of the love and healing that we can provide, using animal communication and holistic healing tools, find out what is causing your beloved pet to feel lethargic, unwell, upset, skin problems, allergies, grieving lost companions or you just know that they are not quite right.

I have been working with animals for over 10 years and I have many, many happy furry/scaly clients. From dogs and cats, to horses, lizards and guinea pigs. I love working on animals they are my passion, it can be very upsetting not knowing what is wrong with your furry companion, I can help.

Now at Sacred Elements you can bring them all to me for healing in Ballarat, I have a designed a healing space specifically for them to feel safe and secure. I use a variety of holistic and alternative healing techniques such as reiki, crystals, flower essences, colour therapy and also look at diet and environment issues.

Feel free to contact me for any queries or further information.


One hour animal healing session: $100.00

Horses are more than welcome to visit me at the centre too